March 10, 2024

Today is a New Moon Phase beginning the lunar month. The New Moon supports releasing the old cycle and preparing to initiate a fresh start, a time to immerse yourself in a meditative and intentional mind-body focus.

It is the Waxing Moon Cycle. From new moon to full moon, we work up the Chakra Liberating Current integrating our rights and shadows from root chakra to crown chakra.

Root Chakra
My Physical Nature

Chakra 1 → Root (Muladhara), Liberating Current
Rights → To exist, physical safety, basic needs.
Shadow → Fear

Governing the foundations in all my chakras, this center keeps bringing me back to my beginnings including family, money, and raw potential. Issues sprout here for me to let go of fear and sit with greater patience as circumstances in my life gradually take root.

Focus → How does my body feel today?

Action → Take a few minutes to ground yourself, notice your breath, watch the Mandala Color Therapy video.

Best viewed in wide orientation, full screen, and earbuds for audio.

Today’s moon is in Pisces. Pisces Moon seeks to glimpse the big picture with empathy and compassion. Ethereal beauty, yoga, and meditation recharge Pisces.