March 12, 2024

Today is a Waxing Crescent Moon Phase. The Waxing Crescent Moon represents emergence outward from inertia and dependencies of past conditions. It mobilizes resources to assert the self forward in a new direction.

It is the Waxing Moon Cycle. From new moon to full moon, we work up the Chakra Liberating Current integrating our rights and shadows from root chakra to crown chakra.

Svadhistana (Sacral)
My Emotional and Sensual Nature

Chakra 2 → Sacral, Liberating Current
Rights → To feel emotions, nourishment, and fun
Shadow → Guilt

The place of my sexual and emotional well-being creates instinct and flowing enjoyment between all my chakras. Issues arise here to move beyond feeling guilt in my emotions and sensual nature. Nurtured here, I dive freely into life’s deep fountains of sentient joy.

Focus → How do my emotions feel today?

Action → Take a few minutes to stretch and move your body, dance, watch the Mandala Color Therapy video.

Best viewed in wide orientation, full screen, and earbuds for audio.

Today’s moon is in Aries. Aries Moon wants what it wants, wants it now, and wants to act on its own. Alone time recharges Aries.