March 18, 2024

Today is a First Quarter Moon. The First Quarter Moon assesses and manages internal energy released from challenging situations. It opens the heart to accept exchanging the old focus and energy so something new can become possible, from the center of the heart.

It is the Waxing Moon Cycle. From new moon to full moon, we work up the Chakra Liberating Current integrating our rights and shadows from root chakra to crown chakra.

Anahata (Heart)
My Altruistic Nature

Chakra 4 → Heart, Liberating Current
Rights → To balance care and love.
Shadow → Grief

My Heart Chakra is the center for love’s rhythm beating in the intimacy of my physical-spiritual, yin-yang relationships. Issues surface here to help all my chakras find balance within each other as I learn to exchange grieving and sorrow for a life enveloped in wholehearted gratitude and love.

Focus → How does my heart feel today?

Action → Take a few minutes to breathe, Take a moment to rub your sternum (breast bone), watch the Mandala Color Therapy video.

Best viewed in wide orientation, full screen, and earbuds for audio.

Today’s moon is in Cancer. Cancer Moon seeks an emotional sense of belonging Sharing feelings, nurturing, and home time recharge Cancer.