March 21, 2024

Today is a Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase. The Waxing Gibbous Moon allows analyzing self-expressive and creative will and insight. This is a time for an integrity check-in and quest for greater emotional awareness and open revelation.

It is the Waxing Moon Cycle. From new moon to full moon, we work up the Chakra Liberating Current integrating our rights and shadows from root chakra to crown chakra.

Throat Chakra
My Vibrational Nature

Chakra 5 → Throat (Vishuddha), Liberating Current
Rights → To truth, honesty, and your voice
Shadow → Corruption

When I live with integrity in how I present myself, my presence has a cleansing effect on others. Throat issues will surface to help all my chakras align into vibrational rapport. Integrating my truth helps me release old stories and clear the path for realization of my potential.

Focus → How does my voice feel today?

Action → Take a few minutes to chant your mantra out loud, watch the Mandala Color Therapy video.

Best viewed in wide orientation, full screen, and earbuds for audio.

Today’s moon is in Leo. Leo Moon seeks fun and creativity. Enjoying good times, self-expression, play, and vacation time recharge Leo.