March 27, 2024

Today is a Waning Crescent Moon Phase. The Waning Crescent (Balsamic) Moon distills the wisdom and essence of life force from the entire lunar cycle as a personal evolution moving into chakra alignment completion and commitment to creatively repurposing the future.

It is the Waning Moon Cycle. From new moon to full, we work down the Chakra Manifesting Current, allowing the flow of awakened senses from crown chakra to root chakra.

Sacral Chakra
Dancing With Oneness

Chakra 2 → Sacral (Svadhistana), Awakened Path, Manifesting Current
Rights → Sense of enjoyment
Source Flow → Pleasure

My chakras flow into alignment as one undulating stream between me and my Divine source. I feel an enduring sense of delight within this oneness. My life is a playful dance between nurturing myself and shedding the need to ever “go it alone.”

Focus → Am I feeling joy today?

Action → Take a few minutes to sigh and smile, watch the Mandala Color Therapy video.

Best viewed in wide orientation, full screen, and earbuds for audio.

Today’s moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio Moon seeks depth and transformation. Deepening psychology and probing the worth of the soul recharges Scorpio.

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