Moon Chakras App About

Moon Chakras is designed to be simple to use. When you log in to the app and click on Today, the current day is displayed. Each day becomes active at 12:01 am MST. The day is organized into “cards.”

Moon Phase Card

This card describes the moon phase, which changes about every two days. The image changes daily to provide a visual reference for the moon phase.

Moon Cycle Card

This card describes the moon cycle, waxing or waning, and how it relates to the Chakra Currents. This card changes about every 15 days.

Chakra Card

This card describes the Chakra related to the current moon phase and cycle. It includes an icon or mandala, details about each chakra center, and a description of its influence.

Focus Card

This card tells you what to focus on today.

Action Card

This card tells you how to put your focus into action.

Mandala Color Therapy Video

The Mandala Color Therapy video is a powerful tool for activating your Chakras in conjunction with the moon phase. Each video is just 2 to 3 minutes, so it can be watched once or several times throughout the day. (syl)

Moon Sign Card

This card tells you the astrological sign the moon starts the day in and a short description of the associated energy.